About Us

Asian Cancer Institute (a unit of AIOPL) is established by onco professionals to provide affordable quality cancer care. Already spread its wings in cancer care facilities at Sion (Mumbai) and Bhubaneshwar (Orissa)

Asian Cancer Institute Daycare offer specialized treatment to the patient in form of chemotherapy, 24Hrs pharmacy and diagnostics services at the vicinity of patient’s residential area at their door step to ensure more accessible and affordable treatment

We have a well equipped state of art Laboratory medicine section which is operational 24×7 with well trained & experienced medical professionals with high standards in testing methodology that can produce highly accurate results with minimum turnaround time. The department is well equipped to provide high quality support to oncology services.

The department is spearheaded by two experienced surgical pathologists Dr.Girish A.Muzumdar & Dr. Sameer Pathan who share over 30 years of professional experience. Stringent quality control protocols & excellent technical support ensures high quality output.

The clinical pathology department is headed by Dr. Rahul P. Jain (Pathology). He has vast experience in handling various aspects of clinical pathology including haematology, Immunology, serology & biochemistry. All the reports are being processed under close supervision of highly qualified and competent staff under stringent internal & external quality control protocols. The brief description of various sub- departments is as follows.

From the Directors Desk

India, at any given time, has a yearly incidence of 10 lakh new cancer patients, with three to four times of that number existing as patients who have recently suffered in the past or undergoing treatment.

To add to this, is the fact that improving healthcare facilities in India have started attracting patients from surrounding countries for healthcare to our country, thus adding to the burgeoning demand for specialized treatment for cancer.

Treatment for cancer needs an organized team approach by specialized consultants who require many years of training and experience to reach levels of international expertise. Therefore a country like our needs a large network of centers to meet the demands of healthcare in this segment, offering all of it at an affordable cost.

Department Information

We have a well equipped state of the art Laboratory medicine section which is operational 24×7 with well trained & experienced medical professionals with high standards in testing methodology that can produce highly accurate results with minimum turn around time.

The Department is well equipped to provide high quality support to Oncology services.

All the reports are being processed under close supervision of highly qualified and competent staff under stringent internal & external quality control protocols.

The brief description of various sub-departments is as follows.

Haematology :Commonly processed tests include CBC,ESR, Coagulation studies & bone marrow aspirates.

Instruments : Beckman coulter ACTdiff5 & Sysmex CA50 analyzer.

Biochemistry : Commonly performed tests include Blood sugar, Lipid profile, LFT, RFT, electrolytes, magnesium & serum Ammomia. All the biochemistry parameters are performed by dry chemistry which has highest level of accuracy and precision.

Instruments : Vitros 250 (Dry chemistry analyzer)

Immunology : Commonly performed tests include thyroid profiles, tumor markers (CA125, PSA, CA19.9,AFP,etc), Vitamin D & Vitamin B12. All the immunology tests are performed by Enhanced chemiuminescence microwell technology which has highest level of accuracy and percision.

Instrument : Vitros ECI (Enhanced chemiluminescence immunoassay) Analyzer.

Point of care: Point of care testing is given high priority and performed stat.  Stringent Quality controls are followed in Point of care testing also.  Tests like ABG, Procalcitonin, NT pro-BNP,   Hs-CRP & D-Dimer are reported in less than 2 hours.

Instrument : Roche Cobas b 121 Blood gas analyzer, Alere Triage meter for Cardiac markers & Instacheck Qdx for Sepsis markers.

Surgical pathology:

Services provided are, Histopathology + Frozen Sections.



Second opinion.

Histopathology : involves study of tissue removed during surgery for diagnosis.

Specimens received are,

Biopsies & Resected specimens. E.g.:

Endoscopic /Laparoscopic biopsies

Biopsy – Bone marrow, Kidney. Liver, Skin

Brain- SOLs

Breast MRM, Hemicolectomy, Whipple’s Resection, etc.


Special stains for identification of fungus, bacteria, AFB & various intracellular /extracellular components( PAS, Mucin, Amyloid, Collagen/Elastic fibres /Reticulin, Iron pigments, Melanin pigments )are performed on tissue sections as well as cytology smears.

Frozen section facility provides intra operative rapid diagnosis which helps in decision for patient management during surgery. This service is available for referrals by appointment.

Cytopathology: Interpretation of individual/group of cells for the diagnosis. Samples are received as

Body fluids, Urine, Sputum

Brush smears – Bronchoalveolar, Gastrointestinal

Washings – Bronchoalveolar, Peritoneal

FNAC (Fine needle aspiration cytology) is well accepted technique for the diagnosis superficially palpable lesions e.g. breast lump, lymph nodes.

Deep sited lesions are aspirated with the help of USG/CT support & sample is submitted for interpretation

Pap smear is the most common screening test for cervical cancer.

Immunohistochemistry: Wide range of test menu covering diagnostic/prognostic /therapeutic is available.

Poorly differentiated tumours of epithelial/lymphoid origin

Malignant round cell tumours

Mesothelioma vs Carcinoma

Lymphoma/Leukemia Panels

Breast cancer; Lung cancer, Thyroid cancer, Ovarian cancer, Germ cell tumours, Soft tissue neoplasm

Prognostic /Therapeutic Panels – Estrogen Receptor, Progesterone Receptor, Her-2-neu, Mib-1, p53, CD117 & others


Second opinion: To obtain opinion from expert, benefits patients/clinicians in view of treatment plan. Our expertise are in all areas of pathology including breast, pulmonary, head&neck, GI / hepatic, gynecologic, neuropathology, renal, soft tissue, bone & joint, cytology. Submission of clinical details & initial HP report is mandatory for documentation & acute diagnosis.

Specialised Testing: 

  • We offer a comprehensive test menu of Molecular biology including Cytogenetics ,FISH & PCR panels offered in collaboration with Dr. Salil Vaniawala as panel consultant.